blossoms…and porch progress

I managed to get outside Monday and re-pot some struggling plants, and just in the nick of time…a big wind blew in Tuesday and dumped a boatload of rain.  The plants didn’t mind, and the humidity temporarily subsided.  The bugs are really overwhelming this year.  I’m already scratching several chigger bites and the lightning-bugs (do you call them glow-worms?  fireflies?) arrive en masse every evening to brighten up the yard.

In case you don’t follow me over at Sonnystone  (why not?  see link above), I should explain that we are in the process of screening in our front porch.  My husband took off last week to get it started and got a lot done, but it all came to a grinding stop as he returned to work 10-hour days this week.  He does, however, have a 3-day week-end, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be all, mostly, done by Sunday so I can sit outside without being drenched in deet.  Mosquitoes love me and I react with  large, itchy, welps.  Naturally, this task has rather obsessed us—him, as he has designed and constructed it all by himself, and me, as I try to help by staying out of his way…

He’s being very careful with his ladder as he works in the flower garden… the blooms seem to enjoy the company…

I’ve harvested the first crop of green beans;  cooked them up last night and served them with a bowl of cherry tomatoes from our husky reds.  We’ve got several yellow squash growing, our dill is nearly ready, and I’ve got to seriously trim the basil…

I’d better get as much done as I can before the porch is finished…I have a feeling I’m going to be lazy there!

4 thoughts on “blossoms…and porch progress

  1. Your home is lovely and I’ll bet you will really enjoy that porch! As for chiggers – I spray and spray myself with bug-off and I still get bites. Does anything work??


    • The porch floor is old brick and we spray in between them to keep down the crawlies; we do spray for chiggers near the house, but we have 4 acres and they just wait for me to venture out of the safe area… All the more reason to just sit and swing..!


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