sorry about the rudbeckia…

It’s back to school for me today..!   I’m floored that another break has flown by, but it’s really a cultural illusion.  The old-fashioned summer vacation is really only 6 weeks of summer, (4 of spring). and fall is still 6 weeks away.  In the garden, that’s time to grow a whole ‘nother crop of green beans, spinach, and onions, as well as a nice stand of zinnias or sunflowers.  Of course, the most dramatic changes have already occurred…


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Sometimes I hate to admit what a bad flawed gardener I am…and this latest confession is due to laziness, as well…>sigh<…  Rudbeckia are a sturdy, long-suffering perennial and I have been growing them for years.  So many years have I been growing them, in fact, that the same 3 plants that I bought 20 years ago are still giving;  I’ve divided them into literally hundreds.  Recently, though, I’ve gotten lazy and haven’t divided them as I ought to, and it caught up with me.  I didn’t take a picture of the ugly brown leaves that look as if they’re not getting water, but it’s air they lack.  They’ve become so crowded that I had to take up an entire bed-full and toss them.  The larger bed I should be able to divide and move…mostly…



In the middle of the wasteland, there sprung a bush of flowers that towered over the carnage, somehow untarnished by the surrounding blight…There’s a parable in there somewhere…


Note to self:  divide rudbeckia, echinacea, daisies, daylilies, and the like every 2-3 years…   It ought to be fun figuring out where to move all these black-eyed susans;  we’ve recently bermed a spot in our front yard that sort of screams for them, but there will be a Lot  to share.  If you would like to have a clump, just yell.


One thought on “sorry about the rudbeckia…

  1. I’ve let my sedum go without separating for three years – it’s a must this year! I bought an amazing rudbeckia this year, but didn’t know to divide it too. Thank you!


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