Ooph, lately I’ve felt as if I were hurtling through space at around 67,000 mph, rotating at greater than 1000 mph, while trying desperately to STOP!!!   We have enacted a complete news blackout…avoiding the TV, naturally, but even the radio and computer keep flashing headlines about…you know, all the stuff that upsets me so much.

As a nurse, I always ask, “How can I help?”.  Sometimes the answer is, “You can’t do a flipping thing about it”.  In the instance of such civil unrest, international wars, and the general bigoted stupidity of my fellow earthlings, I know that my red cape is powerless;  so I breathe in, breath out a kyrie…and harvest basil.

I grow tons of basil, you may have noticed.  Yesterday I harvested 10 plants for pesto, filling the porch with the smell of its sweetness and giving my brain a break from thinking.


I’ll make Pesto JoJo with this batch…recipe can be found here.  I have 8 more plants left for fresh use—especially my beloved basil, mozarella, and tomato sandwiches—until frost.

Peace, kiddos.  Try to love one another.

2 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. Love that you are avoiding the news!! I stopped listening to news for about 6 months in the 1980’s until one day when one of my co-workers poked her head in my office to tell me that Gorbachev was back. And I said, “Was he gone?” I recall that period of my life with fondness. Wish I was brave enough to do it again! Love your pesto recipe – I’ll be trying it out!


  2. hahaha! CNN was just starting up the 24-hour news cycle back then, wasn’t it? It’s harder now to avoid, that’s for sure. I hope I can keep it up… There’s plenty more “therapy” left in the season, but I’ll have to find appropriate distraction during the election cycle, Wine, perhaps? ;}


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