Movin’ right along

Good morning!


During these yowly-cat, dog days of summer, I’ve sweated off a few lbs. moving around my herbs.  I decided to go ahead and bring them to the front porch, mostly so I could enjoy the fragrance and admire their flowers.  As an added boost, the light out there is wonderful for pictures, especially in the evenings.  I was most anxious to get the pineapple sage moved, as it had grown much larger than expected and was bullying my blueberry bush; I figured it was only good sense to also pot up the common sage, as well.  Here’s a before-and-after, sort of.

I love pineapple sage, but it doesn’t keep its fruity flavor/aroma after it’s dried.  My plan is to use it fresh for now and later for potpourri, though it’s going to be tough finding the necessary fixatives without hobby lobby…thank-you, Lord, for the internets.  And doesn’t it look great out on the front porch?


My tomatoes have nearly All given in to the fusilarium now, so they’ll probably be pulled up Labor Day, which makes me feel a little defeated.  But hey, let’s dwell on the positive, right?

And don’t forget the flowers..they’re always a comfort…

Have a great day, dear friends!


One thought on “Movin’ right along

  1. Your peppers look wonderful! Mine just won’t get big, so they’re bitter. And by the time they’re big, something has chewed them up!


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