the boring part


Last week-end we had a crew of workers swarming around, putting  a new roof on the back of the house.  We’ve done our roofing in stages and I’m glad this finishes the job.  It looks tremendously better!   I could have taken pictures of the curling, uneven shingles and contrasted them with the new flat, smooth ones, but roof shots are awfully dreary…

In order to make way for the crew to work, we took down the small fence that hid the pool and decided to sod the area.  Since the roofers left on Sunday evening,  Casey has been hard at work prepping the area.  I could show you a 20×20 area of dirt, before and after, but it’s just not that interesting.

I picked up a cheap pH tester at the Co-op to check the soil in the area where I want to move the blueberry bushes.   The readings were all on the acidic side, to we’re ready to roll on the transplant.  I could show you a picture of my new gauge registering green, but that would be rather unimaginative…

You gotta do the boring part–the dull, tedious activity– and plow through to the fascinating,  the look-at-what-I-did “After” picture.  I’ll be sure to snap some.    Till then…


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