Scenes from the Week-end

Here comes the sun…

The News from Sonnystone Acres

Lazy blogging tonight…  It was a welcome relief to soak up the sun as we drove down through Kentucky to Tennessee on Saturday.  Temperatures soared into the upper 50’s and we just smiled…

I bought some thyme,  2 basil, pineapple sage, strawberry mint, and a raspberry dianthus to plant, as well as some pussy-willows to grace my dining table (maybe we’ll plant them, too).

The wine festival is always squirreled away in a tiny corner, almost as if the TN Horticulture Society (who sponsor the event) don’t want to acknowledge that there’s alcohol being served.  AS a result, the area is always packed, elbow-to-elbow.  There were 12 TN wineries represented and they were very generously pouring the “tastings” into our commemorative glasses.  I’m a sweet-wine kinda gal, so I bought several fruit wines–peach, blackberry, cherry, and a blueberry–Bonnie Blue.

Winner of the “Best Wine Names” Award was the Pickers Creek…

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