Different year, different garden

We have pulled out several of our garden beds to make room for a 14×14 pool for the grandkids.  I’ve left perimeter beds for vegetables, but I moved my herbs to the front porch and the blueberry bushes to another garden area.  I failed to get a good before picture, as usual, so I looked back at pictures taken a year ago…

        This picture was taken 4/4/14








Today, it doesn’t look much different, except you can see the circle Casey has drawn to show where the pool will go:


What a different Spring we had in 2014—I had vegetable plants put in before 4/25 and never had to cover them.  In contrast, the last 2 nights our lows have been down in the 30’s, so this year it will probably be Mother’s Day before the ground warms up sufficiently.

Don’t worry about the herbs, though.  They’ve been safe from the cold out on the front porch.  This is the first Spring with the screened porch, and it is lovely.

There’s plenty of spring cleaning to do, but I’d rather be outside, so it’s hard to be patient while the wiley weather warms, as it eventually will.   In the meantime, that’s arugula in that pot up there, ready to spice up a beet salad.


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