Mostly deadheading, with a smattering of tomatoes

I say that perennials are no work, but I lie.  There’s always the dividing and deadheading.  Remember when we divided the daisies and coneflowers last fall?  That has resulted in a fabulous show of flowers that lasted right up until last week.  I spent a peaceful time cleaning them up…

As we were planning this year’s garden, we took into account that our grandkids would be staying with us for 5 weeks, and that we’d be out of town for a week at the hottest, usually driest, time of the season.  We prioritized a pool for the visitors and cut back our edible garden space.  I put herbs in pots and they’ve done well, ready with ample basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, mint, and lemon verbena.  I just can’t get thyme to do well, but all the rest are ready to be harvested.  Pesto time, but first I have some plans for basil, mozzarella, tomato sandwiches…


There are Plenty of Tomatoes coming on….good thing I stocked up on bacon..!



One thought on “Mostly deadheading, with a smattering of tomatoes

  1. You have wonderful tomatoes!! We’ve had some tomato blight here that has destroyed our bigger tomatoes, though I have a lot of grape tomatoes. And your herbs look wonderful!! Good to see you posting here.


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