Wanna be startin’ somethin’

I’m a glutton for punishment.  I simply Must try starting seeds…  This season of gray, gloom, and cold cries out for some seedlings to brighten a corner and I have mightily tried to figure out how.  Unfortunately, in all the dozens of seeds I have started over the years, only a handful have survived until planting (see Here ).  Still, I just must try.

This year’s experiments:  basil, bell and sweet banana pepper, cilantro, broccoli, german chamomile, red mums, and marigolds, 4 dozens little seeds of hope.  We’ll see…

One thing I’m certain about:  the annual Orchid Escape at Mesker Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Amazonia, will be blooming!  We set up this Wednesday and Thursday, with the kick-off party on Friday, 2/10.  I’ll be out there nearly every week-end, so if you’re trying to avoid me, go during the week…   Seriously, if you’re local, take a day to stroll and sit with the plants and birds.  Every year it is spectacular.  I’ll share pictures as soon as I can, but it would be better to see you there!

Orchids are not difficult to grow—easier than starting seeds!–so I’m having a go at a phalaenopsis in the music room…


Peace, Love, and Flowers


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