Seedling Update

It was with skepticism that I started 48 little pots of seed.  My track record with seed-starting is dismal…

February 9, 2017

This year’s experiments:  basil, bell and sweet banana pepper, cilantro, broccoli, german chamomile, red mums, and marigolds, 4 dozen little seeds of hope.  We’ll see…

After 2 weeks, the cilantro, broccoli and several of the banana peppers had bolted up, too leggy to last.  I held back 6 bell peppers and 2 bananas that were not quite as spindly, but I don’t think they’re going to make it…

I currently have 4 of the basil, 4 marigolds, and a full 12! of the mums.

>sigh<     They all seem to be kind of stuck now, not growing.   They have 1 more week before we take a holiday, so they’d better pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get going…

In the meantime, I planted some succulents in my wardian case.  I bought a small basket stuffed with different varieties and pulled them apart…

Outside, my forsythia, magnolia, and quince are all blooming, so I’m sad that temps are now plunging back to the 20’s.  Hubby says it’s too much work to throw sheets over the quince, but I have some buckets for the peonies that have budded already.  Everything else is close enough to the house to avoid problems.

Mother Nature is capricious gal…but she starts seeds a lot better than I do…




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