Spring springs anew!

I am so excited to see the blossoms and blooms of Spring!  We are making some new rest stops down along the paths in Solla Sollew.   I just marvel at the splashes of daffodil and mayflowers throughout the woods…

We’re putting in all new raised beds for vegetables.  A couple of years ago, when the NYC girls came for an extended stay, I gave up all but the perimeter of the fenced-in area  to accommodate a pool.  The pool was only meant to last a couple of summers, so it’s gone.  We’ll be bringing in all new soil, so I am fully, yes, Fully Confident that it’s going to be a great year in the garden.  Here’s what it looks like now…

I got swept up in the spirit this morning when I ran by Ronnie’s to see what they’ve got…  I ended up buying 3 better boys, 2 romas, 1 cherry husky, 1 sweet cherry 100, a 4-pack each of red pepper, california wonder peppers, and big berthas.  Oh, and I got a 4-pack of broccoli, too.  Almost forgot, I couldn’t walk past the cilantro without putting a couple in my tray.   I repotted the 4-packs and they’ll be ready to go in the ground in May or so.


Look what we spotted outside the music room window yesterday…

Pileated Woodpecker

There is so much work to do, the kind of work I love!  You can bet I’ll keep you informed.

And here’s what’s left of those seedlings I started…

Girl’s gotta try everything…even if I fail..




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