Shuffling the Shrubs…

I returned from visiting with the NYC kids on Saturday–had a great visit, thanks–and was pleased with how well Casey had taken care of everyone.  Still, the roses were begging to be put outside.  Sunday we planted them, and they look terrific!


12 years ago we had put in holly on the south side of the porch, 3 girls and a boy, and watched as they grew into a large hedge, rather surprised at their size.  Last year we began to see black soot-like stuff all over the leaves that was rubbing off on the siding of the house.  Research showed that it was a root fungus, and the shrubs had to be removed.  Dang if it wasn’t because I had planted them too close together.  Remember how I killed a lot of black-eyed Susans by not dividing them?  Same Lesson.  Will I ever learn???

It was suggested that the roses be planted 3 feet apart for a hedge, but we chose 51 inches to line them up with our screen openings.  I’m betting they’ll still come together, only have room to breathe…  I have learned, I have learned!

Now we have this big mass of dead dirt greeting you as you enter our porch, dipping below the ancient foundation, sprouting  vintage gas pipes and the electric meter.  Not welcoming.  I don’t want to put an expensive shrub or expensive array of flowers or really commit myself to any sort of layout right now, so we used what we had:  a louvered folding door that we picked up for a couple of bucks at a rummage sale, the welcome,friends sign that was already hiding the meter, and a honeysuckle that was awaiting a home…

Casey took the opportunity to widen the steps and level out some areas of the walk.   He’s adding some cheap topsoil for now and I’m going to plant some sunflowers and zinnias.  That should take care of things for a while.


All the rest of our “leftovers” were planted in the Bird Garden…mums of various colours, purple coneflower, coreopsis that was already there, and still more daisies!

It’s all ready for mulch as soon as the rain passes…

I’m chomping at the bit to plant my edibles and herbs, but it looks like it might swoop down to the 40’s next week, so I’m trying to distract myself with some front-porch-rearranging.   I think I’ll just have houseplants out there this year, but it’s hard to not pick up some annuals…maybe just one wave petunia?  or 2 vinca?  We’ll see!



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