Posted in 2017, edible garden, Gardening in Autumn

All done but the eating…

All that’s left is the basil, sage, rosemary, and that patch of garlic chive in the corner…

It was a wonderful garden season, and I learned a bunch of stuff I was already supposed to know:

  1. It’s all about the soil.  These beds were filled with fresh promix in the Spring.  All the difference…
  2. Square-foot gardening really doubles your space, but don’t crowd the squash…
  3. Mark the transplants clearly or you’ll never figure out which tomatoes are which until they fruit…
  4. Even though Casey put out the soaker hoses as I requested, he watered with watering cans…  It worked fine.

We’ve cut back the hydrangea and butterfly bushes so we can see out the windows.  The roses are not to be pruned until late Winter, early Spring.  I do need to cut back the perennial herbs, but no hurry.

I feel a little sad, but restless to move on to Autumn weather and colors.  We’re already planning for next year’s edition of the gardens.  For now, though, it’s time to sit and enjoy the harvest…


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