Weekly Garden Journal #6

The rain has been relentless for the last couple of days and the gardens love it.  This morning I took these pictures in a light sprinkle of raindrops and the green was more lush than the camera caught…still, you get the picture…

The Edible Garden

There are zucchini and cucumber fruits forming and the paltry first planting of green beans are starting to bud out.  In addition to already harvesting 4 lovely Big Bertha peppers, I’ve counted a dozen tomatoes on the Better Boys and Romas and the sweet cherry 100 is blooming on…

The daylilies are ready to pop, with the Stellas leading the way…

The begonias that I overwintered are as beautiful as ever.  I have trimmed the mint, but I don’t think it likes its spot in the west sun too well…not a problem on these rainy/cloudy days, but I need to move them eventually.

I can’t stop buying things to plant, but Ronnie’s is down to just about nothing and no more trucks will be replenishing.  I might hit up some big box stores for some rescue plants…As long as I still have empty containers and a barrel of soil, might as well take in some strays…

Keep on Growin’


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