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Weekly Garden Journal #17

I’m not in NYC after all…  My daughter stayed with us the Whole Time her daughters were here and they all flew home yesterday.  The entire Visit was Magical…

We dropped them off at the Louisville airport early yesterday morning and were home by noon.  It was hot, but we got out and cleaned up the Edible Garden.  I pulled up all the Romas, a couple of Big Berthas and one zucchini plant. The last crop of green beans is puny and rusted, but I’m not ready to give up on them.  The pole beans were excruciatingly removed from the trellis. Everything that’s left has fruit (veg) on it that’s not quite ready to harvest.  In the center of the naked trellis is a healthy pineapple sage bush which should be blooming in a couple of weeks…

I brought in three pots of basil, ready for drying.  I’ve got a large pot of three left that I’ll use for making pesto next week.

It’s time to wind it down now and the plan is to have the Edible Garden emptied and the pool down by Labor day.  We’ll be leaving for a couple of weeks September 8, trailer trippin’ to New Mexico and Colorado.

After our return from that Adventure, we have Plans for Fall planting in the Bird Garden.  Until then, I’m not sure I’ve much to blog about gardening…

I’ll be over at Sonnystone Acres , though, and you’re always welcome to come sit on the front porch with me…

Keep on Growing…


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