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Peace/Bird Garden Update and A Walk in the Woodland

We brought in the soil and reset the Peace Sign.  The echinacea and rudbeckia have been moved to form a border for the inner circle.  The birdfeeders are strategically placed for easy viewing from the house.  I’m not going to plant anything else right now as I consider what I should buy and what I should recycle.  I’m still trying, in my heart, to use only native plants, but I have a Ton of daisies I need to divide, so I may break my rule.

Agriculture is an essential service, so the large nurseries are delivering.  Unfortunately, Ronnie’s, my age-old buying spot, does not have sufficient room to keep people safe while shopping.  They were scheduled to receive a shipment April 2, but I’m not sure if they’ve figured out a way to sell it.

In the meantime, the larger nursery I frequent is spread out and has a window, kind of a walk-through, set up, so I can probably find what I need up there.

I’m so grateful that I have these four acres within the city for this retreat.  We’re outside every chance we get.  Here’s today’s walk.  (Oh, bluebirds are nesting in our houses!)

Keep on Growing…

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