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Garden Journal 4-23-2020

It seems to me that everything I wrote on Last Week’s blog was Wrong.  The visit to my favorite plant store that I was soo excited about?  I got kicked out because I rudely suggested that the employees (and owner) should be wearing masks…you can read about it Here..  The Lyme that I felt was cured after three days?  The fever, aches and pains, ferocious headache, and general malaise returned with a vengeance; I called the doc and will take another round of antibiotics. >sigh<

So I gave up on trying to put all native plants in the Bird/Peace garden, for now anyway.  Though I love Hillside Gardens, they didn’t have the coreopsis I craved, so I bought some pinks (dianthus).  I already had some that needed to be moved, so I mingled the new with the old and it came out just fine.

My hummingbird feeder went out the 15th. I saw my first hummingbird on the 16th and have observed several since.  The window from which I watch the avians isn’t the greatest vantage point for pictures of the hummers, but here’s a woodpecker and a cardinal enjoying.

The peas are hopping.

The plants on the porch are ready to go out, wanting to break quarantine.  I’m planning on putting the Large tomatoes out Friday, staked well, but everything else is going to have to wait. I lost one of my smaller tomatoes to what looks like wilt, but who knows?  My “bush” zucchini look good, but would be unsafe outside in a storm (which is inevitable this week).  I couldn’t find any decent-looking cucumber starts, so I’m starting them with seeds.  Basil, thyme, cilantro, and nasturtium are looking good.


Keep on Growing…

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