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Garden Journal 5-21-2020

I’m feeling that Tired that comes after a day of digging and planting, lifting and arranging.  Sweet aches.

I feel back-to-normal after buying up more plants than I need from Rural King.  Our Rural King doesn’t take care of their plants, leaving them on tables on the parking lot until they are dried and scorched.  With our recent drenching rains I felt it was good time to grab some, though they were a smidge moldy.  I Finally found some coreopsis, though, so into my cart went the best I could find.  I took out four of the pinks in the Peace/Bird Garden and replaced them with the coreopsis…so far, so good.

Bonnie Bell had a good selection of herbs and vegetables, too, which is unusual there.  I have two tomato plants in the garden that are stunted — that’s what happens when you leave them out in cold, almost freezing, temperatures.  I knew that, but I held out hope since I covered them up.  They seem stuck, but I want to give them a little more time and warmth.  Still…I hate to take a chance, so I bought two more small tomato plants (a better boy and a beefsteak) to prep just in case.  Same with my basil: two of three look puny, so I bought one more.  Just to be sure, I bought two more bell peppers and a sweet banana pepper so I’m covered if those small peppers I have moved three times don’t do well.

I forgot that I had bought, in desperation, three Black Krim heirloom tomatoes from the Pet Food Center when I was buying more begonias…I have never been interested in heirlooms, but hey, I thought I wouldn’t find more.  Should be interesting.  I put those and the bell peppers into large pots.  The other tomatoes are still on the porch until they are big enough to go into the ground.

All of it is planted now, though I still have some pinks that don’t have a spot.  Who wants to be finished, anyway? Casey’s focused on the Pool Side, so that’s probably where they’ll end up.  The front porch hasn’t been decorated yet, waiting for some decent weather.

I spoke too soon last week and was immediately put in my place with very cool, wet days.  I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself today…well, except to say I wish it would warm up for Good…

You know who doesn’t care?  The Roses…

Keep on Growing…

2 thoughts on “Garden Journal 5-21-2020

  1. Your roses are way ahead of mine–unless that’s from last year? It was cool and cloudy and rainy until this afternoon. Now it’s too hot to work outside. Summer! I’ve got eggplant babies on the porch hardening off and cukes still growing from seed in the basement. But like you, my tomatoes are worse for wear. I may need to replant. Happy gardening.

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    1. The roses (from this year) really held up under the weather, even the driving rain. All of them look super. Tomatoes and bell peppers…I know they need warm ground… I don’t know why I can’t control myself in April…seems to happen every year. Still and all, it turns out okay.,,,keeps me sane…sort of.

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