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Garden Journal 7-30-2020

This is the 20th Garden Journal post of the 2020 season.  At this not-quite-midsummer point, we’ve moved into what I call the chopping season.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers have to be sliced and diced.

The first planting of green beans (May 10) was spent, so we pulled them up, soil was amended, and lima beans sown.  I’ve never grown limas before.  These were gifted to me by a good friend who says they are as easy as green beans, so I’m excited.  I have 8 bell peppers growing beautifully, but only 2 are producing; that is my fault for too-early planting.  Cucumbers are plentiful and there is even 1 zucchini–a last-minute reprieve. Giving a crop that much room for 1 zucchini doesn’t seem right to me, but I’ve said that for years and I just keep trying.

I’ve spent several mornings dead-heading the daisies and after this rain, I’ll spend several more getting them back to pretty.

Outside the rain is steady and has been since a downpour early this morning, so I’ve taken pictures from the windows.  Casey’s been outside, though, since he doesn’t care if his hair gets frizzy…

Keep on Growing…

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