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Garden Journal 9/10/2020

Date: September 10, 2020 Author: Jo Mayne Casey

Journal Entry #25 — previously published on

While out walking this morning, I tripped and fell, skinning both knees and my right hand…  I was being so careful, too, because the sidewalk in that area has numerous areas where tree roots have pushed it up.  >sigh<  Yes, yes, I applied ice and am now sitting here with my feet propped up.  So I’m not feeling very wordy today, but I’ve got some nice pictures for you…

The Edible Garden is just lovely…


Cabbage worms attacked the broccoli, so we dusted them with Seven; looks like confectioners sugar on the lacy leaves…

The morning glories finally bloomed!

Out in the Bird/Peace garden,, the coneflower and rudbeckia still attract the goldfinches, so I’m not cutting them back until the birds have had their fill.


Keep on Growing

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