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Garden Journal 5-14-2020

After the most miserable week of leftover winter weather, Today Shimmered in with Sunshine and  75-degrees!  So naturally, I’m late getting to my blogging as I’ve been out in the gardens.

I’ve put Miracle Gro on everything in the edible garden. I put the California Wonder Bell Peppers back into the ground, though they haven’t got roots worth a dang.  I planted a milkweed and a penta in the spot vacated by the old butterfly bush.

I’m not sure if I should thank ya’ll for not mentioning that my Peace Sign Garden was really a Mercedes-Benz hood ornament — are you just being nice to a dotty old lady?   That has been corrected with the addition of another leg.  I still had a problem as there were only 35 plants and that is obviously not evenly divisible by 3.  If I added one more plant, that would throw off my symmetry.  I could’ve bought four more, but that would put them all too close together.  What to do?  I have too much stuff stashed and I almost forgot about an old urn we picked up while bumming on heavy trash day.   The urn was placed in the center and planted with a Rosemary for Remembrance, reconciling my craving for symmetry and my weird-obsession-with-the-number-3!

I’m almost afraid to say out loud that I think Spring has finally arrived…shh…

Keep on Growing…

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Garden Journal 5-7-2020

It feels like March has returned with predicted record-setting low down to 32 tomorrow.  It’s been blustery, cloudy and cool, then teases us with sunshine and a hint of warmth.  I brought the bell peppers back inside and we’re covering the rest.  All growth has stopped in the edible garden except for the peas and potatoes.

That’s okay…there are still plenty of blooms going on without any care from Me.

The Birds, too, don’t mind the cold…as long as there’s plenty to eat.  The red-breasted grosbeaks are back!

We’re in for another week of this uncool cool weather, so I’ll just ramble from porch to porch until it passes…

Keep on Growing…


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Garden Journal April 2

We bought and planted a Spicewood Viburnum, already blooming and wonderfully shaped.  No, it’s not native, but it smells wonderful…

Here’s kind of a better picture of the viburnum…

It was really bugging me that the final Peace Sign shape was off — the legs were spread rather obscenely wide — so we adjusted it.  The sunflower seed birdfeeders also got moved to suit me…sorry, it’s kind of hard to see the After, but it looks a lot better.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that anything just below the feeder gets covered with sunflower seeds, so I moved one just east of the garden plot and I’m going to just mulch under the other.  Besides, I feel like they were just a little too close together the other way.  The suet and finch feeders don’t “leak” so I can put them anywhere. I’m also experimenting with some garden ornaments, hence the sundial that I’ve had “put away” for many years.

Our back porch/breezeway is full of baby plants (and some rather pubescent tomatoes) that we’ve taken in and out of the shed for the last several cold nights.  The air out there is luscious!  Soon we’ll be able to leave them overnight.

The Peas are popping!

Meanwhile, down at the Thoughtful Spot, the mayapples are Rising Up, ready to act as umbrellas for the elves and faeries that I Know live in our woods.

My favorite plant-buying place is going to open next week!  They are requiring everyone to wear masks and gloves and will also have Senior shopping hours.  Yay!  I’m dreaming of coreopsis and bee balm, cucumbers and squash…

Keep on Growing!

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Peace/Bird Garden Update and A Walk in the Woodland

We brought in the soil and reset the Peace Sign.  The echinacea and rudbeckia have been moved to form a border for the inner circle.  The birdfeeders are strategically placed for easy viewing from the house.  I’m not going to plant anything else right now as I consider what I should buy and what I should recycle.  I’m still trying, in my heart, to use only native plants, but I have a Ton of daisies I need to divide, so I may break my rule.

Agriculture is an essential service, so the large nurseries are delivering.  Unfortunately, Ronnie’s, my age-old buying spot, does not have sufficient room to keep people safe while shopping.  They were scheduled to receive a shipment April 2, but I’m not sure if they’ve figured out a way to sell it.

In the meantime, the larger nursery I frequent is spread out and has a window, kind of a walk-through, set up, so I can probably find what I need up there.

I’m so grateful that I have these four acres within the city for this retreat.  We’re outside every chance we get.  Here’s today’s walk.  (Oh, bluebirds are nesting in our houses!)

Keep on Growing…

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The sound of pouring rain woke me at 1:46 a.m. and I listened as it pounded on the roof, getting louder and louder until it peaked at about 1:57, then ebbed back to just a downpour by 2:03. I got up and used the bathroom, peering out the window in the dark, wondering if the peas I’d planted would be drowned. This morning the sun came up –haven’t seen it for awhile, so that was reassuring– and I walked out to the pea trellis. One small green sprout winked at me…then another!

Spring is here! The order of the universe is faithful and the blooms are opening, pollen is flying willy-nilly,  making me sneeze and snort — not a virus, thank-you-very-much!

In addition to the peas, we’ve planted potatoes…

and onions in buckets…

We’ve been sneaking out and working on our “new” bird garden as often as we can.  What we’ve got here is a Peace sign within the square.  I’m still calculating how to make the brick paths to the center.  Next Week, during the temporary warm we’ll take out the bricks and remove the rest of the “grass” and  perennials. We’ll bring in some fresh garden soil and make the circle, add the legs, and plant.   I hope the growers haven’t been affected (too much) by the plague, as I have dreams of using native flowers that the Birds will Adore.

Compare and Contrast:  Spring, 2020 vs. Fall, 2019

The last week has been gloomy and rainy with temperatures all over the map.  Right now it’s 68 degrees, but that number will be dropping throughout the day, all the way down to 29 by tomorrow morning and predicted to be back in the upper 60s by next week then back down to 50s, a roller-coaster ride of changes in weather.

But Nature is not fooled.  The weatherman says the vernal equinox is “early” this year (it was actually yesterday that the sun slid north above the equator), but the plants are oblivious, dancing to their own rhythm, one older than our “time” or “temperature”.  The perennials emerge, the woodlands begin to green, and the birds begin to nest.

I’m humming a hymn (Great is Thy Faithfulness) …this verse, particularly…

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,
Sun, moon, and stars in their courses above;
Join with all nature in manifold witness,
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love.

It is one of my very favorites and I often use it as my morning prayer, filling my heart with comfort and reassurance that “Morning by Morning, New Mercies I see”.   It gives me “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow” that The Universe is unfolding as it should.  Perhaps it can encourage you, as well, fellow human.

Keep on Growing…



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Weekly Garden Journal #9

Lots of rain, almost too much, has been a daily occurrence, so we’ve spent some time propping plants back up.  We caught some Rust on the pole beans and zucchini early enough to remove and spray, but lost one Roma tomato.  I’m so grateful for whoever invented Neem oil; it takes care of most of our problems — if we catch them early enough.

With Casey at home, I have a fellow stalker-of-pests, but he keeps an eye on the real crritters, too.  He has an ongoing War Against the Moles, who he calls “the mole”, like it’s just one…but he’s focused.  Several years back we sprayed the lawn with castor oil and for a couple of seasons, they stayed away.  Last year they were back, and this year are reallly back.  He’s been planting his traps all along their runs and between rains he’s sprayed the castor oil around.  He was in the edible garden and saw the movement of “the mole” at the edge.  “The Mole” has never ventured into the Edible Garden and Casey’s alarm went off…he did some sort of ju-jitsu with shovels (and stuff I made him stop telling me) and I am so happy for him!  Man against Mole is a gamble and lately the odds are short on “The Mole”. so Hurrah for Casey the Mole-err-catcher for saving the Edibles.

Here’s the garden he saved…The Edible Garden

Around the House…

The Bird/Porch garden got better when we bought the cool red glider at a rummage sale, but I couldn’t stop myself from adding more begonias.  This year I have No plants on the Front Swing Porch–I neglect them out there and the West sun doesn’t let me get away with it–so I’ve made up for it with More containers in the part-shade Porch.

Today is Midsummer’s Eve and I suggest you be alert for Puck or something like him.  It’s been a water-filled Spring and we’ve had only one pool day, so I’m hoping to see more sun in the next Season, but as long as the Plants are happy, I’m happy.

Keep on Growing…