My favorite Beatle was the gardener…

George Harrison would have been 74 today…

George was always my favorite Beatle, from the minute they invaded the U.S.  I was sure that since our birthdays were close (both Pisces!  a match made in heaven!) it was a Sign that we were fated to be together, and figured since he was the youngest, I had more of a chance of getting him to fall in love with me..

He died waayy too young, 59 years old.  His death occurred a couple of weeks after 9/11 and we were a little, um, distracted, so there wasn’t a lot of tribute given to his beautiful life and art.  It wasn’t until I became a gardener that I realized he, too, was a gardener, and for all the right reasons.

I wish I could get started outside.  The snowdrops are blooming, leading the way to spring for the crocus and daffodils.  All of the perennials are greening,  with none complaining about the rain or the teasing balmy temperatures.

I’ll be out there Soon…I hope…and gardening is mostly hope…

George knew that…  I think I’ll queue up “Here Comes The Sun”, a hopeful song if I ever heard one.


george in the garden

“I’m really quite simple. I don’t want to be in the business full-time, because I’m a gardener. I plant flowers and watch them grow. I don’t go out to clubs and partying. I stay at home and watch the river flow.”

[George Harrison]



the Gnomes in the terrarium…

I first envisioned fairies living in my terrarium and ordered a fairy garden kit that included a trellis, birdbath, fence, watering can, and a fairy.  When they arrived, none of the components seemed to be in proper proportion with each other, and few were the proper size for my garden….


I was fairly obsessed…why would the fairy have a knee that was the size of the birdbath?  Why was the bench smaller than the watering can?


I can’t very well reject a fairy, but I will have to use her in a larger, perhaps outdoor, scene.  I shopped at our local craft stores and finally found some small fairies, but they were not nearly as charming as the gnomes… (and were twice the cost).

So I brought home the Gnomes:  Tyrone, Jerome, and Ramon…hard-working earth spirits who are working their magic even as we speak…

Since these elementary beings are earth spirits, they preferably work the soil and tree roots, to which they grant power.  (from

I like gnomes better, really—they aren’t as temperamental as fairies.  I have several that spend summers in our garden;  Larry Garcia Gnome  (so-named because of his strong resemblance to both our County Ag Agent and magician, Larry Caplan, and the late Jerry Garcia, a musical magician)  keeps watch over our garden year-round:


Larry Garcia Gnome

I certainly do hope that Tyrone, Jerome, and Ramon keep my terrarium growing powerful, and I’m counting on Larry to do some magic for me every season.  

It’s only 23 more days until Spring, and only 25 until Spring Break…  The temps that soared to the upper 60’s over the week-end are now a memory..and a hope.  Soon, despite the cold, the crocus and snowdrops will pop up, followed closely by the daffodils and tulips…  I’m going to start some seeds by the new moon this week-end…it’s going to work this time (she says with fingers crossed).


Half-way there…


Today marked the very middle of Winter.  Take heart!!  I’m daydreaming about spending lovely hours in the garden, drooling over garden blogs and pinterest, as well as gardener’s supply, burpee and the rest of the on-line storefronts.   Today’s snow seems superfluous, but the Real Mastergardener knows what He’s doing, so I’ll just do my planning and let it all be.

And who could be uncheered by some Amaryllis blooms?  Not I!



Got to be growin’ something…

I cleared out a closet upstairs for seed starting, but still haven’t decided what to start.  I swear every year, as the last weakling seedling bites the dust, that I will never again waste the lives of dozens of innocent seeds.

Nevertheless, each January I look for a garden-fix to get me through the cold.  This year’s polar vortex and snow days has tested my resolve mightily and I came up with handy-dandy solution the other day:  plant a terrarium..!  Over at Pinterest, you can bet that I got plenty of great ideas and I’m especially liking the idea of a Fairy Garden.

Last week I shopped the craft stores and came up with a wonderful Wardian case marked half-off.  Astounding, isn’t it, how much you’re willing to pay for something when they tell you it’s half-off?   I went to Zeidler for the plants and got everything put in and watered down on Friday.


Check this out:  we used a compact to make a little pond for the people who move in…(Olivia suggested animals, too).  DSC_0005This is infinitely more fun than seed-starting.

(But I might possibly maybe start some lettuce and spinach…and thyme and basil…and marigolds…perhaps…since I’ve already cleaned out that closet)