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Weekly Garden Journal #3

In the Edible garden, the green beans are worrisome with large gaps in the rows.  I pushed in some new seeds, hoping for the best..  All of the original tomatoes look terrific and we staked and caged them.  Casey’s out picking up a load of mulch from Hillside Gardens and that will pretty the place up nicely.

The Bird Garden is a Real Garden now and we’re keeping a close eye on our birds, spying several rose-breasted grosbeaks…and a dang brown-headed cowbird–boo… and the Cardinals are loving it, even using the bird-bath!    Plenty of hummingbirds have dropped by–they don’t care if we’re out there working or not.

The peonies have burst into bloom!  The rose bushes are covered in buds, but just a few have opened…  Honeysuckle is hosting a party for the bees…

I still have some containers to fill, and hope to get the Viburnum planted sometime this coming week.  I’m kind of sad that it’s winding down…but there is another bed of green beans to plant, and All That Watering!

I harvested my arugula and made a delicious arugula, beets, and goat cheese salad.  I would have taken pictures, but it was not as attractive a dish as it was tasty.  I harvested the cilantro, as well, and have a week’s worth of cilantro-lime recipes lined up…

Keep on Growing…

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I know…it’s been a while since I posted here…Harvest is long gone, and winter snows have covered the garden beds.  So it’s time to feed the birds…and snap pictures of them…

We have 3 sunflower-seed feeders that have seen a lot of business since the snowfall…




We have 3 finch feeders also, hanging from the trellis nearby…  I got a new one for Christmas and didn’t realize it’s the kind where they hang upside down to feed…



We have several cardinal families that live nearby, and we love to watch them year-round.

DSC_0062 DSC_0081

I’ve got the tripod set up, so brace yourself for a season of birdfeeder-watching!