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2014 in the Sonnystone Gardens

Just a picture post…  I thought that would be easier, but I find I’m unable to edit what pictures I add to such a large gallery…  I’ve tried 3 times to no avail.  So there’s another lesson:  sometimes you don’t get a do-over.

But sometimes, you do…  I’ve got plans for 2015…

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First Post from Spring…


The birds are  having their usual Spring Noisemaking Competition every morning;  the yellow of forsythia is taking over from the daffodils while the magnolia waits to unfurl.  Taking its time, –and who are we to hurry her?–Spring has returned.  Think of the magic she’ll do before she gives up her reign in June!!   The rain totals are over the top, saturating the earth and toppling trees down the path.  Still, when it’s all stopped and dried, the blue sky will be vibrant and the green verdant, the air will be fresh.  And we, too, will start again planting.  Not quite yet, but soon.



Last weekend we walked the property line, checking for signs that the perennials made it..or not.  It was a long, cold, lonely winter, little darling, and I was a little worried about some of last year’s freshman class:  blueberries (3 of 4 look fine), raspberries (all good), and dwarf crape myrtle (looking iffy).  Best of all, the asparagus is all up!!!

I moved my seedlings out to the back porch and they’re still holding on.   In fact, during the torrential rain the other night, the roof leaked very nicely into their pots…   Our average last day of frost is 4/15 and the way this year has gone, I’m expecting anything.  I’d like to get some peas in the ground, and I promised Eliza I’d grow her some carrots, so soon as the mud is dirt, I’m gonna throw out some seeds.

Maybe we can’t plant, but we can always plan and I’m going to make a lot of changes, as usual.  In the meantime, we pruned the wisteria and grapes—a much-needed clean-up for both.

Begin again…planting and sowing.



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Not pasta…what a big difference an “L” can make;  it means “of, or pertaining to, Spring”…at last!!!

Starting with a hike down The Path, with just a hint of green and a sprinkling of forsythia…


and past many bursting buds, delayed but ready to bloom…



to the front of the house, where the forsythia show off their new haircut.


I brought out the oregano, grasses, sage, and such from the shed where they had spent the winter…a long one…


and planted the rosemary, hoping for a warm rain…


See those little white markers at the upper left-hand side of the picture?  That’s a Big Surprise.  Back in March, by the light of the new moon, I had planted some peas, carrots and a mix of spinach and lettuce,


then covered them with old storm windows to make a cold bed.  Since the temperatures had plummeted, and snow had covered the glass, I figured they were no more successful than my indoor seed-starting…Wrong!!



No sign of carrots, but since the average last chance of frost in these parts is April 15, we’ve plenty of time…


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Vernal Equinox, 2013

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Spring, 2013.  Today  we will be seeing 12hours and 8 minutes of daylight;  Sonnystone sunrise was at 6:53am and sunset is scheduled for 7:01pm.  The weatherman has predicted a mix of sunshine and clouds…


I researched this whole equinox and it is waywayway over my head…here’s from wikipedia:

“At the equinox, the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere where the celestial equator (i.e. declination 0) and ecliptic intersect.”

Then they give the formula, but I’m just shaking my head and wondering who actually figured all this stuff out?  and glad they did…


However impressive the astronomy may be,  it is currently 28 degrees here at The Acres and I’m trying not to be tooo grumpy that our predicted high is 37 (20 degrees below average).    Last year the warm started early and I had hoped it was a trend…

The budding shrubs and flowers bloom away without any hesitation, warm or cold; the birds have started their flight to their nesting homes without checking the weather channel.   Those signs are as sure as the astrophysics and something I can understand.


So the seasons change…the wheel turns…  (but hurry on out, Winter, and let Spring in!!)