A Time to Plant

In the past, I’ve carefully enumerated the plants as I placed them in their new digs.  While I could do a quick calculation of this year’s work so far, I don’t really need to impress myself like I used to.  Besides, do you count seeds?  When I dig up daisies and replant them someplace else, does that count as two?  All I can say is we did a helluva lot of planting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week…

We finished up just in time for soaking rains.  Good thing, too, because we need to continue working on the porches..

There’s still more fun in store.


Excerpts from the Garden Journal

I keep–or try to keep–a written journal of each gardening year, especially for marking my planting and harvest times.  I also try to keep track of what worked, what didn’t, and just how much work it took to get it to work!!!   I usually start out strong, chronicling my seed-starting and planting precisely, then trail off once I’ve gotten to the just maintenance part.  Last night I caught up with my journal after a 2-week hiatus.

DSC_0003 (4)


I did it again—neglected my garden journal.

Everything has grown like crazy–temps summer-like and humid.

Front porch:  wicker planter and houseplants out 6/13.  Fountain is cool.

DSC_0031 (2)

Hydrangeas —  cut back to clear window 6/12  and now rain has front blooms on the ground.  Need to cut them all back.  Blooms cut from back are drying on front porch.  Laid soaker hose.

DSC_0026 (2)

North Garden —  added daisies, pruned and trimmed, put riprap around edge, added soaker hose.

Butterfly/Bird garden (east) —  Lovely!  Added a flat dish hummingbird feeder and hung all 3 from trellis.  Read an article that said this may discourage bully-hummers, but..?  Planted honeysuckle at N end of trellis—hoping to train it to cover top.  Added soaker hose.

DSC_0005 (3)

Daylilies —  Huge (will need to be divided this year).  Not sure I appreciate them enough for the work of constant deadheading the slimy blooms.

DSC_0012 (3)

Pineapple Sage –okay.  Holly — good.  Soaker hose to all .

West (front) garden.  Saw a mom goldfinch land on a coneflower, shadowed by her young’un.  She tried another and decided finally on a large, more open bloom down the way.  Baby followed and she showed him how to munch the seeds from the flower, then flew up to a branch to watch proudly as he/she fed like a pro.    Black-eyed Susan vine growing like a weed and the Moonflower Vine is Alive!!!

Edibles— I do believe I’ll have ripe tomatoes by the 4th of July!  Almost lost the bush zucchini, but I covered a broken spot with dirt and it looks like it’s surviving.  fingers crossed.  3 of the ca wonder peppers look crappy, others okay.

It has rained the last 2 days and today’s high is predicted to be 97 degrees!!!   Sounds extremely sticky, so I’m glad the pool is up now.   Olivia and I are headed over to Henderson for lunch and to check out the Handy Blues Fest.

Stay cool, wherever you are!

What I did this week-end…

Ah, glorious week-end!   I spent it dirty and digging, moving plants around…   Here’s the before and afters:


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m still mulling about what to plant on the south side of the house, against the foundation.  I’m thinking shrubbery, possibly holly, but there are so many beautiful plants to choose from, and I’d love to try something new.

The edible garden is waiting for seeding… I’m going to go by one more place on the way home from work today in my search for seeds.  ARen’t there any farmers left in Eville?  If I can’t find them, (the seeds, not the farmers), I’ll have to order some online.    The cool-weather plants at most of the big-box stores look like they have been in the Sahara for a week.



I’m so excited about the changing weather.  The cooler temperatures are absolutely rejuvenating.  But for now, I’m off to work.  Have a great Monday!


Movin’ right along

Good morning!


During these yowly-cat, dog days of summer, I’ve sweated off a few lbs. moving around my herbs.  I decided to go ahead and bring them to the front porch, mostly so I could enjoy the fragrance and admire their flowers.  As an added boost, the light out there is wonderful for pictures, especially in the evenings.  I was most anxious to get the pineapple sage moved, as it had grown much larger than expected and was bullying my blueberry bush; I figured it was only good sense to also pot up the common sage, as well.  Here’s a before-and-after, sort of.

I love pineapple sage, but it doesn’t keep its fruity flavor/aroma after it’s dried.  My plan is to use it fresh for now and later for potpourri, though it’s going to be tough finding the necessary fixatives without hobby lobby…thank-you, Lord, for the internets.  And doesn’t it look great out on the front porch?


My tomatoes have nearly All given in to the fusilarium now, so they’ll probably be pulled up Labor Day, which makes me feel a little defeated.  But hey, let’s dwell on the positive, right?

And don’t forget the flowers..they’re always a comfort…

Have a great day, dear friends!


blossoms…and porch progress

I managed to get outside Monday and re-pot some struggling plants, and just in the nick of time…a big wind blew in Tuesday and dumped a boatload of rain.  The plants didn’t mind, and the humidity temporarily subsided.  The bugs are really overwhelming this year.  I’m already scratching several chigger bites and the lightning-bugs (do you call them glow-worms?  fireflies?) arrive en masse every evening to brighten up the yard.

In case you don’t follow me over at Sonnystone  (why not?  see link above), I should explain that we are in the process of screening in our front porch.  My husband took off last week to get it started and got a lot done, but it all came to a grinding stop as he returned to work 10-hour days this week.  He does, however, have a 3-day week-end, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be all, mostly, done by Sunday so I can sit outside without being drenched in deet.  Mosquitoes love me and I react with  large, itchy, welps.  Naturally, this task has rather obsessed us—him, as he has designed and constructed it all by himself, and me, as I try to help by staying out of his way…

He’s being very careful with his ladder as he works in the flower garden… the blooms seem to enjoy the company…

I’ve harvested the first crop of green beans;  cooked them up last night and served them with a bowl of cherry tomatoes from our husky reds.  We’ve got several yellow squash growing, our dill is nearly ready, and I’ve got to seriously trim the basil…

I’d better get as much done as I can before the porch is finished…I have a feeling I’m going to be lazy there!

Just in time for the grandkids…

My tomatoes, large, small, and in-between-size,  are ripening;  my green beans, both bush and pole, are filling with pods;  I have several yellow squash; the basils are begging to be trimmed.   And all of this is just in time for my NYC grand-daughters to appreciate when they arrive next Saturday.   My middle grand-daughter, who lives down the street, will be here, too, helping me keep up with the harvests during their 18-day visit.   (They think I’m magic;  I think They are)

The flowers are looking lovely, as well, and I know we’ll be spending a lot of time on the porch (after coating ourselves with Off!)…