Busy … and New Neighbors!

Finished up the new raised beds for the vegetables…

moved all the flowers out of the front bed…dozens of daisies and coneflower…some to the north bed…

and some to the south bed that is still under construction.  I still have a wagon of coneflowers and a small wheelbarrow of mums to find a home for, so I’m feeling a little full of perennials.

The blank space in the front of the house  is still under consideration, but I’m opting for a hedge of some sort.  It’s a 40-foot long area and the flowerbed always seemed too small for the space.  Maybe some knockout roses to grow 4ft x 4ft and bloom all summer?

Two Norwegian bachelor gnomes have moved in down in the woods…they’re really sprucing the place up!  The one on the right is Larry Garcia and the older, smaller one is his brother, Darrell.  Darrel doesn’t say much, but Larry is always ready to lean on his shovel and jaw…

I’d like to get some seeds in the ground this week-end and it looks like the weather will be perfect for it!

Happy Easter!