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Weekly Garden Journal #5

We spend lots of time out in the garden, tending and caring for our plants, pretending that we are “growing” them.  In reality, the garden is nurturing us…growing us…

The Edible garden..


My roses have been worth the effort…


The lavender loves being out of the pots….nasturtiums are tops on my list of edible flowers…


I started a black-eyed susan vine commingled with a cardinal vine…so far, so good…


Keep on Growing…

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The edible garden is planted…

What a beautiful week-end!  It was super-productive for us, also…

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I love that exhausted feeling after a full day of planting, sitting on the back porch looking out at the lush, green that will now grow…

3 Better Boy, 2 Roma, 2 Husky Cherry, 1 Sweet 100 tomatoes

6 bell peper

3 yellow squash, 2 zucchini

pole beans, bush beans, sugar snap peas

10 Basil

1 oregano

cayenne pepper, cilantro, tomatillo

pearly thyme

arugula, buttercrunch lettuce

fern dill

pineapple sage, honeydew sage, common sage

lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon mint (melissa)

geranium, marigold, black-eyed Susan vine

3 nasturtium

Spring planting is my favorite part…well, eating the fruits of the planting is almost as satisfying…but never again do I have the control that I have in the Spring.  Soon enough the symmetry is spoiled and I move this and add that to cover the open spot or cut back the overgrowth, but today we all just sit hopefully, enjoying right where we are…


P.S.  It’s time to put out your hummingbird feeders!!!