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Weekly Garden Journal #9

Lots of rain, almost too much, has been a daily occurrence, so we’ve spent some time propping plants back up.  We caught some Rust on the pole beans and zucchini early enough to remove and spray, but lost one Roma tomato.  I’m so grateful for whoever invented Neem oil; it takes care of most of our problems — if we catch them early enough.

With Casey at home, I have a fellow stalker-of-pests, but he keeps an eye on the real crritters, too.  He has an ongoing War Against the Moles, who he calls “the mole”, like it’s just one…but he’s focused.  Several years back we sprayed the lawn with castor oil and for a couple of seasons, they stayed away.  Last year they were back, and this year are reallly back.  He’s been planting his traps all along their runs and between rains he’s sprayed the castor oil around.  He was in the edible garden and saw the movement of “the mole” at the edge.  “The Mole” has never ventured into the Edible Garden and Casey’s alarm went off…he did some sort of ju-jitsu with shovels (and stuff I made him stop telling me) and I am so happy for him!  Man against Mole is a gamble and lately the odds are short on “The Mole”. so Hurrah for Casey the Mole-err-catcher for saving the Edibles.

Here’s the garden he saved…The Edible Garden

Around the House…

The Bird/Porch garden got better when we bought the cool red glider at a rummage sale, but I couldn’t stop myself from adding more begonias.  This year I have No plants on the Front Swing Porch–I neglect them out there and the West sun doesn’t let me get away with it–so I’ve made up for it with More containers in the part-shade Porch.

Today is Midsummer’s Eve and I suggest you be alert for Puck or something like him.  It’s been a water-filled Spring and we’ve had only one pool day, so I’m hoping to see more sun in the next Season, but as long as the Plants are happy, I’m happy.

Keep on Growing…

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Weekly Garden Journal #8

The weather continues to be just right for our garden, though our local farmers have had so much rain that only 50% of their crops have been able to be planted.

The Edible Garden

My biggest project this week has been the Bird Garden which has morphed into the Porch Garden.  I went crazy with begonias and pulled around some other containers to fill it with blooms.

The feeders stay busy as the adult birds bring the young-uns out and teach them to feed themselves.  If we sit still for a while on the porch chairs, we can blend right in with the avians.

The echinacea and susans around the feeder poles are doing well, but it’s too early for their blooms.

I’ve got the girls today and we’re headed out for a picnic…  Until next week…

Keep on growing…