Posted in Gardening in Winter Time

Got to be growin’ something…

I cleared out a closet upstairs for seed starting, but still haven’t decided what to start.  I swear every year, as the last weakling seedling bites the dust, that I will never again waste the lives of dozens of innocent seeds.

Nevertheless, each January I look for a garden-fix to get me through the cold.  This year’s polar vortex and snow days has tested my resolve mightily and I came up with handy-dandy solution the other day:  plant a terrarium..!  Over at Pinterest, you can bet that I got plenty of great ideas and I’m especially liking the idea of a Fairy Garden.

Last week I shopped the craft stores and came up with a wonderful Wardian case marked half-off.  Astounding, isn’t it, how much you’re willing to pay for something when they tell you it’s half-off?   I went to Zeidler for the plants and got everything put in and watered down on Friday.


Check this out:  we used a compact to make a little pond for the people who move in…(Olivia suggested animals, too).  DSC_0005This is infinitely more fun than seed-starting.

(But I might possibly maybe start some lettuce and spinach…and thyme and basil…and marigolds…perhaps…since I’ve already cleaned out that closet)