Garden Photo Log

Just a taste of what’s happening in the gardens here at Sonnystone…

It’s all good…  play in the dirt



2 of our 3 bluebird houses have nests, but I haven’t seen any bluebirds, and I hope the spatsies aren’t squatting there.

The pool area is ready for the pool.  When that big blue behemoth goes up, it will block the view of that garden.  Casey does love his pool, though, and I know the grandkids will be putting it to good use.  Here’s a close-to-the-last look:

My edible garden has 2 sweet cherry 100’s, 1 big beefsteak, 3 better boy tomatoes;  3 california wonder and 4 big bertha bell peppers; 2 tee-pees and 1 trellis of pole beans;  a short row of bush beans;  too many zucchini and yellow straight-neck squash;  2 or 3 sunflowers in the back.  The oregon sugar snaps, the baby kale, and mesclun are about to finish up.

For the last couple of years I have had zip squash and I have no idea why.  This year, I’ve gone overboard, figuring if I lose half I still have more than enough. Plus, I’ve been doing it “right” and giving them plenty of room, so we’ll see how it goes doing it “wrong”.  I always had tooo many zucchinis at our other house when placing them close, and if that’s my result,  I’m prepared to deal with it.   We’ll see.

We had removed an infestation of overgrown throw-aways from the east side of the house and it had become an eyesore.  I decided we should make it about the birds and bees, planting butterfly bushes, lavender, pineapple sages, and hanging birdfeeders from the existing trellis.   I’ve got some morning glory seeds in the ground that I envision climbing merrily up the back.


The window on the left is where my desk-chair sits and I spend an inordinate amount of hours staring out at the birds, so now I’ll have the addition of butterflies.  The final touch was to add one of my hummingbird feeders;  it’s a little low right now, but I’ve seen a couple of hummers nip in.

view from my window

view from my window

I especially enjoy this planting part of gardening, when I wake up all my muscles and tune up all my senses.  There’s a lot of healing in just touching the earth, placing the tender plants in their spots, adding a lot of hope and water—and maybe some miracle gro, if you’re so inclined.

Keep growin’..!

2014 in the Sonnystone Gardens

Just a picture post…  I thought that would be easier, but I find I’m unable to edit what pictures I add to such a large gallery…  I’ve tried 3 times to no avail.  So there’s another lesson:  sometimes you don’t get a do-over.

But sometimes, you do…  I’ve got plans for 2015…

The edible garden is planted…

What a beautiful week-end!  It was super-productive for us, also…

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I love that exhausted feeling after a full day of planting, sitting on the back porch looking out at the lush, green that will now grow…

3 Better Boy, 2 Roma, 2 Husky Cherry, 1 Sweet 100 tomatoes

6 bell peper

3 yellow squash, 2 zucchini

pole beans, bush beans, sugar snap peas

10 Basil

1 oregano

cayenne pepper, cilantro, tomatillo

pearly thyme

arugula, buttercrunch lettuce

fern dill

pineapple sage, honeydew sage, common sage

lemon grass, lemon verbena, lemon mint (melissa)

geranium, marigold, black-eyed Susan vine

3 nasturtium

Spring planting is my favorite part…well, eating the fruits of the planting is almost as satisfying…but never again do I have the control that I have in the Spring.  Soon enough the symmetry is spoiled and I move this and add that to cover the open spot or cut back the overgrowth, but today we all just sit hopefully, enjoying right where we are…


P.S.  It’s time to put out your hummingbird feeders!!!


What’s growing at Sonnystone…

I’ve been so preoccupied with the inside of my house, preparing for the July Family Fest.  I think I may have moved every single piece of furniture in the house, at least twice, and still am not finished.  Meanwhile, the intermittent rain and sunshine has taken care of the garden–though I have some dead-heading to do.  Often I am as obsessive about re-arranging the garden as I am the furniture, so I think my plants are secretly happy that I’ve left them in charge of their own show (for a while).

New stuff:  Check out my grapes!!!  We bought some netting to keep the birds from eating them all this year, but we didn’t get it placed due to rainy rain.  I’m going to guard them somehow, though, as I reallly want a crop of concords this year (and stomp them):

There have been some new additions in the front of the house. Last fall, Casey brought home some tall grasses and we planted them out out by the daylilies. They will get 8-10ft tall, so I’m hoping they’ll do some screening of the street…so far, so good:


The tomatoes are fruiting…

And many of the blueberries are Blue!!!


Overall, I’d say we’ll be eating pretty well at the FFest in July and with grandkids to help harvest, it will be sweet:

Before the Deluge…

Spring gave us a deadline..again…  Knowing that the Rains would arrive around Thursday, we started planting…

I am pretty excited about my new lavender hedge:


18 hidcote lavender 12inches apart around a 7×7 bed.  I didn’t feel adventurous enough to try a knot, but I think it will make a fragrant hedge for pineapple sage and whatever else ends up growing there.

The peas are doing wonderfully, so we planted a new row and decided to let the zucchini and yellow squash sink or swim…


The tomatoes are making themselves at home—that’s 2 better boys, 1 early girl, 2 la romas, and 2 sweet cherry 100’s.  I’m still not sure where the red huskies are going to stay, so they’re still on the porch with the herbs and more tender plants that wouldn’t like the soon-to-be 40-degree temps.


The beautiful weather kept us outside for the first part of the week, and we had it pretty much under control when the relentless clouds and cold came back carrying copious amounts of rain.




 The cloudy rainy days have at least gotten warmer, and really the garden doesn’t mind.  I’m still anxious to get out and get at it…